What, When and Where

If you would like to join us, please go to the Contact page and get in touch.

Our main meeting is on Sundays at 4pm at Roger & Di’s home.

We occasionally meeting somewhere else –  for more info, please check the Events page.

We also plan fun events like quiz nights, barbecues, Irish nights, skittles nights, etc – just because we like being together and meeting new people. And of course we have some more serious things like Alpha courses, Marriage Courses and Commitment courses from time to time. Details in Events.

We are part of an international family of churches called Salt and Light.

We are always pleased to hear from anyone who has questions. So if you need help, are curious about the spiritual side of life or just want to know when the next event is, do feel welcome to drop us an e-mail.

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Contact info

Gathering Times

We are currently meeting in the afternoon at 4pm at Roger & Di's home (we do occasionally meet somewhere else, please refer to the Events page)

Events / Calendar

Upcoming events