Eph 5.18 Do not be drunk with wine, for that is dissipation, but be filled with the Spirit

Have you woken up in the morning frustrated when you realise you didn’t put your mobile phone on charge and the red battery light is, on showing you have two percent battery left? – Or have you gone to start the car only to find the engine won’t turn over and the battery is flat, because you have left the interior light on by accident? – Or have you struggled up a hill on a bike and when you look back realise that the back tyre is nearly flat? – Or has anyone tried to run a car on empty with the petrol gauge red light on, and actually run out of petrol?  Yes, I’ve had that happen too.  All these dilemmas have the same issue at stake.  Someone needed to check they were filled up or charged up or pumped up………..and that someone was me!

It is the same in the Christian life.  We get dry or lack motivation or even get irritated with people because we are not filled with the Holy Spirit. We try running on empty.  The early disciples could not begin their mission to the world until they had waited to be filled with the Holy Spirit.  Jesus couldn’t begin his ministry until he had been baptised and received the anointing of the Holy Spirit.  It is no different for us.

So how do we get filled up? It’s quite simple.  We ask Jesus to fill us.  Jesus is the baptiser in the Holy Spirit.  Becoming more aware of his power and presence is the next step.  I have found his presence and power become stronger when I spend some time reading a short passage of scripture and mulling it over.  Filling and overflow go close together, and it is as I listen to worship songs like ‘The Blessing’ on my iPhone and sing along with it, that I become more aware of his presence.  Taking communion is also another way I can stop and receive his life and power.  There are times too when I need others to pray for me to be filled up.  It is like using jump leads when the car battery is flat. The life and overflow of another believer can flow into my life. Some believers are like lightening conductors and I need some of that impartation of overflowing spiritual life.

Why not try and spend a few moments asking God to fill you with his Holy Spirit today and then find a few of those unique ways God has given you to become more aware of his presence.


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