Today’s thought is a mini-quiz – sorry, no prizes.

Part 1 – Spot the Bible celebrity
1    someone who overcame a lion by supernatural physical strength
2    someone who went up a mountain and saw God write words on stone
3    someone whose second marriage led to the birth of a king’s grandad
4    someone who overcame lions by supernatural spiritual strength
5    someone who sent a choir into battle at the head of his army 
6    someone who changed his mind, then his name
7    someone who said No, No, No, but a week later said Yes, Yes, Yes
8    someone whose refusal to sell his land to the king cost him his life
9    someone who had big dreams while in isolation on an island
10  someone who ran away as a slave, and came back free
How did you get on?   
Part 2 – Spot the SCC celebrity
1    two-wheel transport and inside information
2    home-made cakes and hospitality (several answers possible!)
3    why walk when you can run?
4    a life spent helping plants, then people, to grow
5    8,200 miles from home!
6    draws pictures on a computer screen
etc, etc, etc

Here’s the point: if someone was describing me for a quiz, what characteristics would I like them to focus on?  What good things would stand out for them?   And what flaws would I fervently hope they overlooked?  What is it  that stands out in your life  and makes you the unique person you are?

The Bible says God knew us before we were born, that He created us and ‘knit us together’ in the womb.  And that all the days of our life were ‘written in your book before one of them came to be’ (Ps 139)

There is nothing that God doesn’t know about you and me – good, bad and indifferent.  And yet He still loves us enough to pay the ultimate price so that our flaws can be forgiven, removed and ‘dis-remembered’ (see Heb 8:12)

What a God!   He has the most gloriously selective memory!

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