Col 3:16   Let your hearts be filled with the word of Christ

Eph 5: 18 Do not get drunk with wine, because it will ruin your life, but instead be filled with the Spirit

Last night I put my charger into my iPhone but in the darkness failed to connect it properly to the electric socket. Of course, you will know the outcome – an uncharged iPhone with the battery showing red at the beginning of the day. I connected it up properly when I realised my mistake and thankfully by 9.30 it was 98% charged.

I often find the that things that happen in the natural world in my day to day life are an indication of what is happening in my spiritual life. I am not wanting to make big division between the natural and the spiritual life but we do know when our connection with Jesus is not as strong as we would like it – So on my walk this morning I was seeking to connect up with Jesus and get freshly charged with the Holy Spirit.

I think there are three main ways to get recharged. The first is to be reading or listening to the Bible and thinking over the passages that we read. The second is to make sure there are no sins or wrongs in our lives that are still needing to be confessed and/or forgiven, and the third is to ask to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Being filled with the Holy Spirit is not a once in a lifetime experience. The Holy Spirit leaks out of us, so we need refilling. I am aware of that dry and empty feeling sometimes, and that for me that is an indication I need the Holy Spirit to help and fill me.

I have also found a way to make sure my sleep does not get disturbed, and that is, before I sleep to set my heart and affections on Jesus. I often do this by playing a song like The Blessing or simply telling the Lord Jesus I love him and want to serve him. Could I ask if your spiritual battery is fully charged? If not, why not follow some of these simple steps to recharge it.


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