I rejoice greatly in the Lord.  (Phil 4:10)

Yesterday, Sunday, was a very special day for us.  Firstly, to actually get together with everyone again, in the flesh, after so many Zoom calls, was just great.  Wonderful as the technology is, and wonderful as it has been over the past months to communicate regularly via our screens, yet there is really no substitute for the ‘real thing’!    We do hope and pray that it will not be too long before SCC is getting together again on a regular basis, and growing stronger in the Lord.

Secondly, we had a beautiful setting, with some beautiful weather laid on for us; this cannot be taken for granted in our country!   To be able to spend a couple of hours relaxing in the park, chatting together and enjoying our picnic lunches, was a real bonus.  May there be many more such opportunities!

We were also blessed, of course, by your amazing kindness to us.   That album, containing so many memories of people, places and events, is something we will treasure.   And of course, your inspiring generosity towards us in that fantastic financial gift – we were overwhelmed. 

So I wanted to use this final ‘thought for the day’ to say a great big ‘Thank You’ to each and every one of you.   Thank you for being there – not just yesterday, but over the past months and years as we have shared the life of the Lord together.  Thank you for being who you are: you have got into our hearts, and we will remember you with love and prayer in the days to come.  And thank you for being so brilliantly generous to us.

Philippians is one of my favourite parts of the Bible.   It is full of joy, vision, determination to press on and go further, all in the light of the glorious reality of who Jesus is, what He has done, and what the future holds – ‘at the name of Jesus every knee (will) bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.’ (2:10-11)

But the primary reason for writing this letter was that Paul wanted to thank the church there for the financial support they had sent him while he was away from them.  In chapter 4 he rejoices in their concern for him, demonstrated by this gift.   But he is quick to emphasise that it is not just because the support is a blessing to him, but because their generosity will be ‘credited to their account’ – that is, that God will bless them abundantly in response to their blessing Paul. 

And so may it be with you; your generosity to us will be ‘credited to your account’, and as a result ‘my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus’ (4:19)

Thank you.   And God bless you richly in the days to come.


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