It seems as if Jesus lived very simply without a big home full of useful possessions and comfortable furniture, and if He is the Way the Truth and the Life then I need to consider a simpler lifestyle. At least it needs to be simpler than it is at present.

We are in the midst of packing up our house ready to move and I just can’t believe how much stuff we have accumulated over 17 years of being in our home. I have had countless visits to the tip and spent hours burning personal documents in a small incinerator we have purchased. Shredding was taking too long. I am still finding it hard to throw away stuff that I think could be useful someday or brings back fond memories.

On occasions when I have felt discouraged, I have opened my box of thank you cards which I have added to over the years. I read the encouraging comments from people who in some way, we were able to help. Now, do I throw away this box and just store the kind comments in my mind, or do I find a bit more storage room somewhere and keep them all? Decisions, decisions.

It is also interesting how long it takes looking after everything too. I remember one lady in the first fellowship that I pastored. She was retired but rarely had time to come to church or housegroup. She was just too busy looking after the house, keeping it clean, watching interesting TV programmes and catching up with family. I am beginning to see how tempting it is to do the same. The big difference is that I do go to church on Sunday and come to the midweek group too.

Jesus seemed to be able to prioritise better than I do. He always had time to listen to his heavenly Father. He was able spend time with his disciples to train them ready for when he left this earth. He also had time to teach the crowds. He did not have a home to store all his possessions but was able to go from town to town and village to village to preach the good news of the kingdom and heal the sick with minimum restraints.

I am attempting to make decisions so I will be able to live a simpler lifestyle. I feel challenged to be ready and available for the kingdom of God and whatever Jesus wants me to be doing. How are you doing with your possessions and priorities?


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