Prov 3.27 Give honour where honour is due

One of the delightful parts of this Sunday’s picnic in the Park was hearing so many people honour Geoff and Muriel for what they have given to the family of Swindon Community Church. I was expecting one or two to say a quick thank you, but every family there, said their thank you. We all enjoyed hearing people give their little part of the story of the blessing Geoff and Muriel had been to them. There was no rushing on to the next part. This is church at its best. Over four years people have received from Geoff and Muriel in hospitality, welcome, musical ability, organising of church events, preaching, teaching and friendship. Now we had a chance to say thank you.

As I have been writing this thought for the day, I have been listening to a Hillsong chorus’ This is my desire, to honour You.’ The words of the song take time to honour God for all he has done for us. Of course, Geoff and Muriel would be the first to say, this is not all about their own talents and abilities, but it is what the Lord Jesus has given them and done through them. Ultimately, it’s all about what he has done. However, the Bible also wants us to honour people who have worked hard in building up the church. I have been reading through Romans over the last few days. The book finishes with Paul giving greetings and thanks for a whole list of people we never hear about again. It mentions what they have done and tells the church to greet them on his behalf. He even tells the church to greet them with a holy kiss. (sadly, we cannot do that during these times!)

Reflect for a minute about a time when you have been thanked and appreciated by someone and remember the way it made you feel inside. It is good to be part of a church community that has at its best, a culture of honour right at the heart, where God is honoured first, and each member is also honoured for what they do.  It looks so different from the world around us, where people are quick to criticise. If we continue in giving honour, we are fulfilling Jesus’ word to honour his body. Let’s continue to make it a way of life.


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